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Please take some time to read through our general terms and conditions that apply to our moto tours.


  • To rent a motorcycle with MountainGadget, the CLIENT must have a valid driving license for the VEHICLE that he wants to rent and it’s in accordance with the country’s regulations – except for the motocross experience.
  • It is necessary to leave a deposit, in cash or credit card, according to the VEHICLE category. This amount will be refunded after MountainGadget’s assessment to the returned VEHICLE, where there is no damage, loss or reason to deduct amounts from the CLIENT.
  • MountainGadget will always make every effort to provide the booked VEHICLE for the rental period. If for reasons of force majeure it is not possible to provide the indicated model, an equivalent may replace the booked model, at no additional cost to the CLIENT.

MountainGadget’s Responsibilities

  • MountainGadget declares that to the best of its knowledge, it delivers the VEHICLE in a good state of maintenance and in safe conditions of operating, free from faults or defects. The CLIENT will have access to all necessary documentation of the VEHICLE, as well as the accessories contracted.
  • MountainGadget will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the CLIENT, except in case of negligence on it’s part. Nothing contained herein shall hold MountainGadget liable in the event of death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the CLIENT that cannot be legally excluded.

Client’s Responsibilities

  • The CLIENT must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driving license and experience in a motorcycle of the same size and power as the one proposed to rent. It is his responsibility to ensure that the driving license he has is valid for the VEHICLE he wishes to rent.
  • The CLIENT must respect and follow the instructions of the guide, accompanying him both on and off road, throughout the whole tour.
  • The CLIENT must be prudent and responsible while riding, respecting traffic and road code, following the instructions given to him, both on and off road, by the guide.
  • The CLIENT is responsible for the fines and other penalties that the Courts and Administrative Authorities establish, following the respective Processes of Merger, within the scope of the use of the VEHICLE while in the possession of the CLIENT, even if the knowledge of such expenses or costs only occurs after the return of the VEHICLE.

Cancellation and refund policy

  • MountainGadget reserves the right not to refund the amounts paid as a reservation fee by the CLIENT, if the CLIENT cancels it’s booking.
  • Any breach of the terms and conditions of this Article authorizes MountainGadget to take the bike away from the CLIENT without reimbursement and/or without prejudice to any damages that, under legal or contractual terms, he is obliged to comply with.

Fuel and Oil

  • Unless otherwise stated, fuel is always the CLIENT’S responsibility, who must refuel with the appropriate fuel, otherwise the CLIENT will be responsible for the expenses caused by transportation and mechanical damages that may occur due to the use of inappropriate fuel.
  • The VEHICLE is delivered FULL, and shall be returned also FULL. If the CLIENT does not refill the tank, in addition to paying for the missing fuel, he acknowledges the right to MountainGadget charge him a refueling fee to cover its expenses. Refueling fee € 25.

Return and check-out

  • The CLIENT declares that he received the VEHICLE under the conditions mentioned in the Contract.
  • The CLIENT shall return the motorcycle to MountainGadget on the date and place foreseen in the contract, otherwise the contract is not considered terminated.
  • The return of the VEHICLE is only validated after physical verification by a MountainGadget representative, and the CLIENT is responsible for paying all damages (except minor scratches/marks/dents) that may have occurred up to that moment, for its current market value.


  • This agreement is valid and will take effect when sign by both parties. Its duration is valid only for the duration of the service rendered.

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