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December 2022
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Madeira is known for having a tropical weather, 18 degrees Celsius in winter is almost summer in some countries! A few rainy days and a very warm sun makes Madeira Island a place to visit all year long. 

Everyone can watch it on national television (RTP Madeira, channel 1 here in Portugal) but live in the streets that’s a different experience! Everyone has feathers and colorful clothing, confetti is in the air and music, oh the music! Some groups have live singers, some have original songs made just for this day. But everyone has the same thing, a smile on their face and samba on their feet! 

This year we have 13 groups and around 1.800 people, including general population and tourists, that will parade in this event that is so popular here in the island! A total spent of 480 thousand euros for this main attraction that has a very unique place of all that Madeira Island has to offer all year round. 

The island has enumerous events like new years eve, one of the biggest fireworks displays in the world, carnival that starts on 19th of February and only ends on 1st of March, everyday with  different things to do. The most popular Flower festival, from 30th of April till 24 of May, it is the main event for what Madeira Island is know for (also called the flower island), the Atlantic Festival, on every Saturdays of June, where fireworks and music play together at 10 pm every night, and here companies are chosen for new years eve! To see more of what to do in Madeira Island go to

So if you want to have a unique experience this time of year, come ride with us in daylight and still have a great time in the island by night!

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